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Mother Nature's Legacy

Mother Nature's Legacy
Mother Nature's Legacy

We do enough to violate Mother Nature - we must advocate for the magnificient creatures of the land, water and air!

I'm a Grandma of six and we all have adopted rescued pets. My hausband and I have three cats; obvious decendants of bobcats and panthers. My daughter has an adopted cat. My son has both a cat and a dog, both rescuees. My other daughter recently adopted a dog and our oldest son adopted two dogs.

Every year we vacation in Cape Cod, MA and revel in the magnificence of the whales and other sea creatures we see on the Greenpeace boat trips.

This past July, my aunt and I vacationed in Seattle and had occasion to greet seals.

We are all alarmed and dismayed over the "open season" on bears here in New Jersey - if they'd stop all the construction, the bears would not be moving in so close to "civilization".

Mother Nature has gifted humanity with so many wonderful creatures to admire and for our children to marvel over.
It is criminal that they should be in jeopardy at the hands of man.

Louise Friedman


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