Defenders of Wildlife

Who owns a wild animal?

Wild 4 legged friends at the door

This title sounds strange as does the summary! In real life it is not as a wolf showed up one day and decided it was his home for awhile. He got on well with the dogs and after a few days decided the house might be enjoyable also! He lived here on and off for about 4 months when he then decided to be on his way. Where he went I have no idea, but pray he is still alive today a young male. He would come in with the dogs and discovered if he went to the door he could go out again. No ties on either except the strings of my own heart as you can not tame a wild animal and make them a domestic one. Even outside if he wanted a pet he asked, but never forced. Inside he would lay and watch, but also have an eye for escape if needed. Tame to a point, but wild at heart and hopefully still wild at heart and soul?! WOLF wherever you are I hope you are looking back to a time you were free and yet had human love if you asked for it.


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