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Making a Wrong a Right

Making a Wrong a Right

We humans have so much power in our hands. Through our ignorance, we kill animals, destroy habitats and poison our environment. We push - we take - all for the sake of "improvements" and economics. We've said that it's okay to destroy fragile lands just because someone "owns" it.

We are seeing the dramatic effects of our errors. Katrina and other recent disasters have proven that it doesn't make sense to drain wetlands and build in flood plains. The destruction to sensitive natural habitats must stop if we are to continue to exist as a society. Why should I as a taxpayer payer pay for repeated losses caused by someone else's greed?

The Endangered Species Act was put in place to stop the loss of animal (and plant) species. These beings have lost the majority of their habitats, live in poisoned environments and have been the victims of senseless slaughter. For 32 years, this Act has slowed down the loss and has been instrumental in bringing back many species from the brink of extinction.

Ask yourself, how would you feel if you never saw a bald eagle fly over this great country, or knew that grizzlies no longer wandered the forests of our forefathers, or that we no longer had majestic whales swimming along our coasts?

I felt great joy this year, when I heard the news that the Ivory-billed woodpecker most likely is still flying on this earth, calling and rapping on huge, old growth trees. It's probably only through our efforts to conserve large tracts of land that allowed this great bird to continue to survive. I feel that we've been given a second chance to make a wrong a right. That's what the Endangered Species Act enables our Society to do. Don't let greed destroy other opportunities to make a wrong a right. We should strengthen, not weaken the law And protect and keep all that makes this Nation great.


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