Defenders of Wildlife

The Wolf as Protection on the Ranch

Raising wolf and wolf hy-brids a complete respect for life.

When I was 7 My Mother who is part Cherokee brought home a wolf. My sister and myself did not know what to expect. I looked into his beautiful yellow eyes, and he promptly bit me in the face. I then learned respect and humbleness. My father and mother traveled quite extensively and we had a ranch in Colorado. After a few weeks we became the best of friends after I learned that the wolf was in charge. I was incharge of setting up appointments for the viewing of the horses on the ranch. Everytime someone came out to view the horses that we had, Rusty, the wolf would stand between me and the person visiting the ranch. Rusty set up an invisible paramiter and if any person crossed that barrier, he would show and bare his teeth. I never felt so safe and loved before than by Rusty the Wolf. Even after his brutal slaying by the rancher down the street, I will never forget the power, beauty, and unconditional love portrayed by those beautiful and gazing yellow eyes. It still breaks my heart today to see the gaze of a wolf that has been extingushed. They are such loving and respectful animals. The human race could learn something of respect from the wolf, instead of fear and murdering them to gain control of what we consider respect.


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