Defenders of Wildlife

Our animals need our protection!

I believe that we NEED the Endangered Species Act to protect animals from disappearing before our childrens' children even get to see them.

I grew up around animals at my Mother' family farm. I hated to even see a dead butterfly along the side of the road. They are all Gods' creatures- not to be shot and mounted on some wall or just shot for sport. The shooting of wolves from helicopters is totally inhumane!I am a life member of the Sierra Club and a Wildlife Guardian. To get rid of the Endangered Species Act would be terrible.These animals need our protection and people like Secretary Norton and Rep. Pumbo probably don't really give a damn and that is sad. Our world would be a totally different place if we did not have our birds, fish, bears,wolves,deer and all of the others. Sure, keep them so that there is not an overabundance, but do NOT let them totally die out. LNBass


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