Defenders of Wildlife

God's Glory

We were given domion over the earth and all in it. Not to destroy it, but to nurture it. If our childrenand grandchildren are to have anything, we must do all we can to keep all of God's creatures safe. Everyone is precious!

All of the creatures of this earth belong to us. God gave us domion to keep our enviroment safe for all time. So far we have failed miserably. We have poullouted our earth in every way and have done unspeakable damage to the living , both man and beast. The humans have a voice, the creatures only have ours, so we must do all we can to save those that haven't been destroyed. I do not intend to stand before my God in shame, my house will speak for those who can't! He created it all, we have no right to destroy God's plan and His handiwork.


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