Defenders of Wildlife

The Sacred

The Sacred
The Sacred

This is a poem I wrote several years ago which expresses the effect that connecting with wildlife has on me.

A deer materializes before my eyes and the forest is lit by its luminance.
Its atoms flung by unseen hand in glorious constellation.
The divine is manifest and shimmers through its form.

It is the soul of the wild creature that humbles me.
It is the source of purest light, deepest knowing.
To catch sight of a wild animal makes the heart leap -
To be held in ITS gaze makes the heart soar.

The sacred is clothed in fur and feathers and scales and skin
It flashes out from shining eyes in darkened woods
And speaks in bird songs and cicada serenades...

It touches a place in me where wildness dwells -
A long forgotten, hidden place that shivers in sudden resonance.


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