Defenders of Wildlife

This I Believe

Wildlife are just as important and valuable as humans are!

This I Believe
(Inspired by Reading People Like Dave Foreman, Edward Abbey, E. O.
Lynn Margulis, and Paul Ehrlich)
Michael J. Vandeman
November 26, 2005

I believe that other species are just as important and
valuable as
Homo sapiens. The evidence is, frankly, overwhelming. Almost everything
that we like depends on other species.

Where does clean air come from? The air is cleaned by trees
other plants with leaves. Humans do not have the capability of cleaning
of the air that we need. It would be physically impossible.

Where does clean water come from? Bacteria, algae, and other
organisms clean the water for us. We don't have the capability of
enough water for our needs. That's why we depend on other species to do
for us.

Where does food come from? Not from farms! All of the food
that we
need came originally from wild species of plants and animals.
species are often so changed that they are dependent on humans for
survival. If they happen to get wiped out by disease or other disaster,
will need to once again find their edible wild relatives (and hope that
haven't driven them extinct).

Where do medicines come from? A large number of them were
from chemicals found in wild species of animals or plants.

Where do humans most like to be? Around other living things --
next to or surrounded by nature: other species! Have you ever visited a
quarry? Did you have fun?

I can't think of anything I like or need that is not dependent
the existence of other species (wildlife).

And yet, we treat wildlife as if it weren't important. We act
if humans owned the Earth. We grant ourselves the right to go anywhere
do anything that we feel like doing -- and this in spite of the fact
we arrived on the Earth about 3.8 billion years after other forms of
were already here! In other words, the other species -- upon which we
totally dependent -- have no rights. In particular, they don't have the
right to live, unmolested by humans, anywhere on the Earth.

I believe that wildlife have the right to live, and the right
habitat that is closed to humans. I believe that we need to give
our top priority -- not because they are more important than humans,
because we are 100% dependent on them, and because they aren't capable
protecting themselves from us. I can't think of anything more important
than that. Can you?


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