Defenders of Wildlife

Life without animals?

Without animals there is no mother nature and without mother nature, there is no need for environment. The environment is part of the world, part of God's garden of life. If we get rid of the animals, then we are destroying their lives and their homes.

The wolves, jaguars, snow leopards and other animals have a right to live, just the way god made us all. Making the animals: Snow leopards, Lions, Wolves and Bears, is like destroying one of us. We are all God's children and we are created equal. God loves us all and he hopes we will do the right things and one of them would be to let mother nature continue to grow and be a part of our lives. Humanity is a great species and it has some faults, but it is still a part of God's circle of life, just like the animals are a part of the circle of life too.


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