Defenders of Wildlife

White man

White man has been messing with nature, wildlife, the world from the beginning.

I am getting sick and tired of the way this world is going . people do NOT care about others, they certainly do not take animals and wildlife into consideration. God put them here for a reason, the eco system, the natural process of things to come in the past and in the future. White man has stepped in and ruined things from the beginning, starting with the Native AMericans. They had it right and white man due to their greed and whatever you call it their desire to rule the world and control wrecked things the way they were meant to be from the beginning. Why cant they just leave things the way they are supposed to be, including, native americans, animals, wildlife, preservation of lands , etc. Everything. they Have to mess with everything. Its getting sick, then they they to change it or bring it back after it s already too late. I think most of it is due to greed and stupidity. They kill off wildlife, have stupid laws governing this issue and then try to change or fix it after its too late or the animals have become extinct. I am ashamed to be part of the white race sometimes because they seem to screw things up and then blame others for it.
The world is a mess due to all this which started how many hundreds of years ago. They should just have left well enough alone and let things be the way they were as it seemed to be working well until they had to step in?????????


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