Defenders of Wildlife

Out of the Mouths of Babes

All anyone needs to do to understand the connection between humans and animals is watch young children as they are introduced to wild animals both endangered and threatened.

How then, is it possible for us to do anything but care for and protect those endangered species who now are becoming dependent on our support?

When the plight of endangered species is discussed in grade school across our country, the children respond instantly with deep-felt concern. They will make pictures, write stories and talk to their family about the crisis being created in the world.

If school children can comprehend the need to protect our brother and sister species, why can't our government generate a country-wide plan to ensure our actions in no way compromise the lives of our children and their new-found friends whose lives are in jeopardy?

Talk to a 10 year old and you will be surprised at how much information they have learned in school. Adults would do well to learn the same.


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