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The circle of life

The circle of life

Human beings are just one small part of nature. All other living things share in importance in the cycle of life. A Native American poem says, "In my life I have needed that the circle of life" stays unbroken.

In Samuel Taylor Coleridge's "The Rime of the Ancient Mariner" horrific suffering ensues for the Mariner because he mindlessly and callously kills an innocent albatross. Only after this life-altering near-death experience does the Mariner come to appreciate the beauty of all living things and their right to exist:"He prayeth best who loveth best all creatures great and small..."

We are all dependent on every other living thing for our existence from the so-called lowliest microbe to the unappealing insect to the mighty pines and the soaring eagles.
Whenever I hike in any one of our national or state parks and I encounter eagles or a fox or a coyote or even a black bear, I feel blessed to be in such company.


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