Defenders of Wildlife

redtail hawk

redtail hawks were very common in the early 50s. now they are back.

i was born in1946, in the deep south, and the deep country. i would pick cotten at the age of six, fish in the creek for suckers and hunt for sparrows all day long with my red rider bb gun. i can alway remember the screek of the red tail and watching him glide above the trees looking for supper, just like me. the redtail was a better hunter and had to depend on his skills for supper, and not his mother. as i grew older he started to disappear, it was a rare sight to see one sitting on a powerline or atop a big dead pine. ddt and unconcerned politicians almost got him. he is back again, looking as strong as ever. the only reason he made it was we protected him. the politicians and concerned people saved him and many other endangered species. why would you want to go back and destroy what we have protected and preserved.


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