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Where's the Outrage?

Where's the Outrage?
Where's the Outrage?

GW Bush assumes erroneously that he needs to crush the many to climb up to the top to profit, but he is wrong. As he rips apart the fragile web for all life, send him a clear message that he does not have the right to abuse the power of our US Presidency.

George Bush Senior classified Reaganomic economics "voodoonomics" in his debates with Reagan, both Reagan and GW Bush ripping apart the fragile web for all life that any need to produce any public prosperity of any definition for any.

We need to redefine riches. We need to redefine riches as the productive seeds, seedlings and soils that grow upwards toward light enough to produce riches of the earth that cleanse our air and water and produce enough oxygen for us to breathe, humans dying within a day or so without water to drink, humans dying within minutes without oxygen as the fragile O2.

But GW Bush just doesn't get it.

Bush Reaganomics just doesn't' get it.

And he doesn't care to go beyond the thick walls of his bank vaults to discover that his war against science is destroying lands and lives we need to hold our fragile web for all life intact.


The prestigious Union of Concerned Scientists sent GW Bush two letters in 2004 demanding that he stop abusing science for political gain.

The prestigious American Civil Liberties Union sent a letter to GWII in 2005 demanding that he stop abusing science for political gain.

The signers of the Declaration of Independence sent King George III a letter and wrote a US Constitution that outlined the critical links between the diversity of a land and the life on that land and the ability of that land and people to produce public prosperity and peace enough for all to share.

But GW Bush just does not get it.

GW Bush's Reaganomics of cash-driven privatization, deregulation and tax-cut mania continues to rip apart the fragile web for all life.

When will it stop?

Will it stop before we die?

Investigate, indict, impeach now...before it's too late, please.


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