Defenders of Wildlife

We are the voices of the animals!

If we don't defend the animals, who will? They cannot speak up for themselves.

Would you rather every spot in the world to be industrialized? To be covered with houses, factories, warehouses? Do you not want your very own children to see beautiful animals in their lifetime? Well, with the way things are going, they might not. Even that is a more self-centered reason to protect wildlife. Imagine BEING an animal that is beint hunted for whatever reason. If you would, imagine for a moment how it must feel to be an animal, living your life, happily, protecting your family, going about your usual daily routing, and then BANG, someone decides to kill you right out of the blue. If that happened to a person, the killer would go to jail, or worse, killed, perhaps. Because it's an animal, it doesn't matter?!?!? They CAN'T speak for themselves! They have feelings, too. They feel loss, and sorrow, jsut like we do. They feel pain, just like we do. And horror. PLEASE consider these points and choose to save our wildlife. They need you. We need you. Please. Thank you for listening.


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