Defenders of Wildlife

Why Wildlife is important to me.

They all are important to me. Even those who arent so cute and cuddley.

Wildlife is and has always been around us all. It litterally affects the air we breathe, and the water we drink. The continual lack of respect has got to end! Have the events of 9-11, Huricane Katrina taught us globably how we all need each other and the Wildlife. We are all connected. And I would love to leave a better legacy to my children, and theirs (eventually). A legacy where some of our worlds greatest treasures aren't being sold to the highest bidders. The Wildlife, our lands, we need to sustaine them because if we dont, they will cease to sustain us. How long would you have countries to run if the earth swallowed itself up, due to drilling, and sucking out her resources. What if the animals did fight back? What if we killed them all? What would we eat? What would we enjoy quiet times with our families, or even alone looking at? What would be our example to our children that there can be peace amongst us? Who would we turn to on hard days in life when it would seem no one else is listening? If not our Wildlife, than who?


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