Defenders of Wildlife

LIFE matters.

You want to know what matters to me? I'll tell you what matters to me.

What matters to me?
I could care less what species you are. A living being is a living being. Period.
We are ALL living, breathing, feeling, loving, spiritual beings, and as such, we ALL...... every individual living being... deserves the right to live.
Anyone who says otherwise is hypocritical, ignorant, arrogant, speciesist and one other thing: Wrong.
The Creator of life should be the ONLY Being who decides when to terminate life....not the ignorant human animal, who are legends in our own minds... nowhere else.
So, what is the right thing to do? It's a no brainer. There is one correct answer: Live and let live. Our Brothers and Sisters in fur deserve to live and love as much as we do.
It is time that the human animal stops hyping itself, putting itself on a pedestal, and starts paying attention to the facts:
WE are animals too.
Not in the Darwin sense, but in the reality sense.
Lets look at the facts.......
We get hungry. Animals get hungry.
We get thirsty. Animals get thirsty.
We need water to live. Animals need water to live.
We bleed. Animals bleed.
We poop. Animals poop.
We urinate. Animals urinate.
We get cold. Animals get cold.
We get hot. Animals get hot.
We get tired. Animals get tired.
We sleep. Animals sleep.
We need food to survive. Animals need food to survive.
We feel pain. Animals feel pain.
We feel sadness. Animals feel sadness.
We feel a sense of loss when someone we love passes on. Animals feel a sense of loss when someone they love passes on.
We get sick. Animals get sick.
We reproduce. Animals reproduce.
We feel happiness. Animals feel happiness.
We get excited. Animals get excited.
We like to play. Animals like to play.
We have feelings. Animals have feelings.
We feel fear. Animals feel fear.
We feel love. Animals feel love.
We are born. Animals are born.
We age. Animals age.
We die. Animals die.
We have a Soul/Spirit. Animals have a Soul/Spirit.
We are born into eternal love and life in Heaven. Animals are born into
eternal love and life in Heaven.
So, the facts say this: Animals are us, we are them.
When we shed our skin, we are all alike....beautiful light energies, made from the same loving, immortal hands.
All deserving of love, life, respect, and dignity.

The human animal needs to get over it's illusion that we are somehow "extra-special".
We are not.
We are special, like every other living being, regardless of species.
Live and let live.
Stop the destructive acts and begin constructive ones.
ALL Life is sacred.
Respect ALL living beings. Love them. Let them live.
That's the right answer.


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