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I Sit

I Sit
I Sit

Remembering some brief encounters with other species.

I sit beneath a giant tree, a tree that was here hundreds of years before me, a tree that I hope will live on long after my body has left this world. I sit and feel the quiet strength of a tree that has experienced every sunrise, every sunset, every rain, every heat wave, every blizzard, who has been unable to move, except when the wind rustles through its leaves. I sit for a while, and feel the sun on my face, the light wind on my skin. The grass bends and sways in the field beyond, beckoning to deer - come and eat! An ant climbs onto my shoe, so trusting, unafraid that its fate now lies in my hands.

I sit on a dock in the caribbean, watching as a manattee slowly makes its way along between the boats. I lean my head over the side of the dock, and he looks at me, one more person in a world of people, we exchange glances. For one brief moment, two different beings sharing the same experience. His back is scarred from boats, yet he is unafraid of me, unafraid of all the boats that surround him. Three young children come running down the dock and are fascinated, amazed by this huge creature moving so quietly through the water. I smile at their excitement. The manatee moves slowly along under the dock and on his way.

I sit on a big rock within my horse paddock, surrounded by my horses. Three thousand pounds of living, breathing muscle and strength, to my one hundred fifty, yet they are exquisitely gentle. I know that they love me, respect me, and I them. I know that they would never hurt me, nor I them. We enjoy the warm autumn sun as a raven rattles off in the distance.

I imagine if I could sit on the moon, and look down at the earth. Millions of people coexisting with trees, ants, manatees, horses, and each other. I see there are no boundaries, no separation, only the lines we divide between one another in our own minds.


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