Defenders of Wildlife

Lifelong Animal Lover

All my life, I have loved animals.

All my life, I have loved animals. Even the species whose venom etc are dangerous to humans (and admittedly, scare the wits out of me) I find fascinating. Because I have respect for the Sacred Web of Life, I would be hard-pressed to want to get rid of any animal or insect I find scary. This does not seem to be the attitude of those who think we should "conquer Nature" at any cost. They have the unfortunate attitude that animals are just animals and have nothing to teach us, and they don't seem to realize that humans are animals, too, to a certain extent. Sadly, this also comes of the religious, Puritanical notion that having human-animal instincts is somehow sinful and bad. I have just the opposite point of view: we are just as animalistic, and that is nothing to be ashamed of. So therefore, I consider the lion, the lynx, the wolf, coyote, eagle and all other creatures my Family. We all have to eat, sleep, mate, and so on, so I don't believe I should treat my animal family any different than I treat myself: with respect.

We are all connected on a spiraling web...creatures of earth, sea and sky, of all four elements plus Spirit. What affects one, affects the others down the spiral.


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