Defenders of Wildlife

My faith informs my views

My faith informs my views

Like others who have posted stories, I too believe that wildlife are important because all life is sacred and should be protected. As a Christian, I believe that God created all creatures (including humans) to work together to become a world worthy of Him.

Unfortunately, in large part, the environmental history of Christianity is not positive, and we have misinterpreted our responsibilities regarding 'dominion.' Rather than using the earth for our own selfish purposes, I believe God gave us the responsibility to protect, nurture, and be co-creators.

Each creature is important in its own right - because each creature is endowed with a unique individuality that could only come from a Creator God. Wildlife are also important because of the witness they bring to humans of this Creator God. Without wildlife, we cannot fully know God or know our true place in creation. We are dependent on them, and they on us, and so our purpose, wisdom, and ultimately our identity as humans is wrapped up in the survival of all living things.


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