Defenders of Wildlife

We're all in this together...

I believe that whatever force gave us the beautiful earth and the living things on it did so for a reason, and the wilful destruction of them is blasphemy of the worst sort.

I'm sure a lot of people in the United States saw "The March of the Penguins," without ever imagining a great loss it would be if there were no more of these charming creatures-no more harp seals, or great and charismatic polar bears, or any other living thing. I do not believe for an instant that these magnficient creatures, down to lacewinged insects, were made for men to destroy.

There is a balance in the world among living things and every step that is taken to destroy any of them is detrimental to all of them, even those of us at the top of the food/money chain who believe we are immune. The destruction of the environment will happen to everyone on the planet. Global warming is not going to ignore anyone because they have money or belong to a certain church.

I remember many years ago when a whale made his way up the San Francisco Bay into the Carquinez straits and further up the river. He was nicknamed Humphrey, and immortalized by books and memories. I thought he was a messenger from the great spirit warning us to mend our ways or there would be hell to pay.

And for those who believe in the Christian God, and still choose to put what man has made ahead of what God has made--well, that is certainly a sin and not an act of bravery.

Do we want our descendants to live in a wasteland?


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