Defenders of Wildlife

We're all God's reations

Man's inhumanity to other living creatures sickens me.

Not much to say really, other than that I am an avid animal lover, and saddened by the thought that future generations may not have the opportunity to see many of the magnificent creatures in their natural habitat. Just thinking about the destruction of these habitats in search of the almighty dollar is sad. Where have all of our moral values gone? All living creatures have a right to exist - and we, as "their keepers" need to be vigilant to their cry for help. Man needs to return to our roots and remember that killing of animals must be solely for the continuing existence of man - be it for food or otherwise. Killing of the beautiful creatures is a form of greed that has no place in this equation. We must strive for a more peaceful planet and leave room for every living thing on it - that's how it must be. Generations to come after us deserve no less......


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