Defenders of Wildlife

Wildlife treasures have been the treasures of my life.

Wildlife treasures have been the treasures of my life.
Wildlife treasures have been the treasures of my life.

A life long love of animals and wild places have enriched me and made me a better person. Now that I am a parent, I need to be sure my daughter has the same ability I had, to see our wildlife in the wild places they belong in.

My life has always been surrounded by animals. My father brought into my life a dog, Gretchen, when I was an infant. As a toddler, I was given a cat, Lucy. As I grew and they got older, our adventures have become some of my most special memories. My love of books brought me almost as much pleasure and animal stories were always my favorites.
When I first read, "Julie of the Wolves", my eyes were opened and my heart was broken when I learned of the truths behind that story. From that time onward I have paid close attention to the plight of our fellow creatures and how mankind treated them. Whales and wolves, horses and bears, otters and bobcats, the list is long and varied. I used to watch "Wild Kingdom", Marty Stoffer's Wild America, with wonder and delight. I was and am, very proud of the majesty of America's wildlife and our wonderful natural reserves. I cannot understand how anyone who calls themselves an American, would ever consider letting anything happen to them.
Now that I am a parent, I want to share with my daughter the sound of wolves calling to each other, the sight of wild horses running over the plains, to see grizzly fishing during the great salmon runs, to be able to view a bald eagle in flight, to, if we are ever lucky enough, see a mountain lion or bobcat in the forest.
I firmly believe we will be judged by what we allow to be done to our wild creatures, we will have to live with the loss of them if we do nothing. That loss will make us lessor, will take away part of what we are as American's. How can we allow our parklands, our reserves, our national treasures to be pilfered for profit, while we, the people are left bereft? Its wrong and plainly unAmerican to stand idlely by while it happens.
For my daughter I have to do something, for the child I once was, I have to do something, for Gretchen, Lucy and all the animals I have had since then, I have to do something, for my country, I have to do something.


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