Defenders of Wildlife

Why animals matter as much as people

We are in the middle of a mass extinction.

We are in the middle of a mass extinction. Mass extinctions have existed for millions of years. The one at the K-T Boundary saw the end of the rule of dinosaurs on the planet and the rise of the mammals. While there is still no definitive reason known for why all the dinosaurs and their close cousins - the flying and marine reptiles - died out, it was either through natural occurrences like global volcanic activity, or impacts from space in the form of large asteroids. At the end of the Cretaceous period this event or series of events saw the ending of 70% of life on the planet.

So why is there a mass extinction now? Only one answer - people. Our avarice, ignorance and false superiority is causing the mass extinction of thousands of life forms on the planet. When will this end - we were are the sole animals left alive? What kind of world will that be? I can tell you - a world that I personally hope not to live to see.

Animals play a vital balancing role within nature. While it's difficult to watch predatory animals taking down their prey, it is a natural part of the world. What is unnatural is what we do through canned hunts, trapping, and deforestation.

It is possible for us to live more harmoniously with what little is left of nature. We don't have to let our greed take precidence over an entire species life. We can use our supposedly superior brains and try and find alternatives to energy sources, building materials and food.

We can halt this mass extinction and stop it NOW and forever by trying to respect all life and try to protect. Because if we don't, it will be lost forever. And we will exist, not live, in a colorless, uneventful world.


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