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Ode to Bear

Ode to Bear
Ode to Bear

I write this poem about my teddy bear. My mother give to be when I was a baby.

You are my comfort
When I am sad
Clean and wipe away all my tears
I'm not little anymore
But, I can't get rid of you
You are old and full of holes and
losing your fluff and fur
You can't hold you neck up right
But still sit on my bed
And sometimes sleep under my arm
I can't give you away
You're my "teddy"
With the simplest name

As I grow up my parents take my all kinds of nature activities. Thanks to them I have a deep love and respect for nature. I hope and pray that my children be able to enjoy the richness and beauty of nature like I did. That is why I wish to protect and preserve it.
Deanna Liles


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