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The sacred truley innocent

The sacred truley innocent
The sacred truley innocent

The sacred truley innocent

All my life I have heard about life being sacred, and children being innocent. But even children can premeditate to some degree, while the animals can not at all.
For this reason I see the animlas as more innocent than even children.
We always hear that life is sacred, but mostly people use that for human life only. I disagree.
Because the animals are more innocnet we should be protecting them more, not less. We should be more responsible in ALL our actions. If we are truley the most inteligent species that makse us the most responsibel for keeping al the other ones safe just as we are responsible to keep children safe. As the elder brothers and sisters t the other species on this planet in that we are more inteligent it is our dty to protect them, and the thing they need the most protection from is us.
Our ignorance, our fear, and our greed. We have the capacity to over come these things, and they are depending upon us to do so. This is our sacred trust to be good stewards if you will. Let us do so now and forever, each and everyone of us to the best of our ablity.
The animals understanding even when they are adults wil ever be greater than that of a very small child and so let us see them as children in this regard and let us be good parents good aunts good uncles...
My photo is of an extinct species that we humans failed to be good parents to, let us not repeat this with others now.

Barbara A Huggins


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