Defenders of Wildlife

Nature is Spirit

My American experience.

My life began in a large metropolis in Germany. To see wildlife, little me went to the zoo. Often.

When I came to America in 1972, I was amazed! I had never seen forests that have original growth, and when we crossed the Continental Divide, I was inspired to think that in the US it is actually possible to believe that no one else has ever stood on a particular spot Germany, neither such areas nor such feelings were possible.

I live in the CA foothills, in what I think is the most beautiful place on earth. I've seen black bears and tarantulas, soaring Bald Eagles and logs full of lady bugs. I've seen Salmon struggling up our streams, and the toads and frogs and snakes who live there year round. The deer, the opossums, the racoons, the Kolibri and many many other birds live here and thrive.

I've seen giant Sequoias and Redwoods. The silence among them is inspiring. Being in nature, experiencing all it offers, THAT is spirituality for me. When I need to renew my spirit, I can sit by a river and dream, dream of the days of old, the days before there was cement and neon lights and pollution. And that's when I feel the closest to God.

Protecting our natural forests and the creatures that live there should be our government's priority. Protecting our wetlands and beaches should be our government's priority. Saving what we have left should be everyone's priority.


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