Defenders of Wildlife


if we don't stop greed, abuse, waste and neglect we will not have an earth for the future generations to enjoy..

I care about wildlife because they have as much right to be here as we do.. If we do NOT do something now this earth will die. We throw waste into our oceans.. Kill animals for sport or to clothe us or because they are in our territory. . We destroy the beautiful forests with houses and businesses etc for OUR benefit.. The main problem i think on this earth worldwide is GREED for corporations and individuals to get ahold of more and more money.. For what??????????????? It is NOT worth it. We will die anyway.. God will not allow this much longer. He has built the most beautiful earth for us to enjoy and what have we done?? Almost destroyed it. Different species extinct or near extinction.. The earth is shouting back at us. These hurricanes, earthquakes, artic glaciers melting etc etc are not by chance or people say "we are having a bad year".. It is from global warming from the toxins from cars, factories etc. No one in government seems to care enough.. We should put all of the government money into saving this earth and to stop what we are doing.. NOW!!!!!!!!! Before it is too late. Karen in Florida.


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