Defenders of Wildlife


Nature and Nature's God are not happy with the way the human race has managed their own affairs on this planet!

Once there was a whale that lived quite happly. You see this whale was a Killer Whale; or a Whale Shark as some called the creature. Then there were the other fish, some mammels and some not. They were given special gifts. One of those gifts was to project three dimensional imiges of humans which were in fact only themselves but in the image of the human. Their projections intermingeled with the real humans and so the ocean began to learn about those that only had one body and had to live on the land. They learned that the one body types had no real divine love within them and so all the others began praying that the planet would be saved from those that did not deserve to walk the earth or swim in the oceans. One day their prayer was heard and if you look out your window you can see it going on all around. Even the sky creaturs joined in and prayed too. So when the Creator of All that is good and just learned what was happening he sent his Angels to save all those with divine love and leave the rest to destroy themselves.
Story from Ron Frank aka JonaH


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