Defenders of Wildlife


in memory of a wolf named Timber

My story is about a wolf cub i recieved many years ago. These people bred them and got caught. They had hid a female cub and then could not care for her. She was about 4 weeks old and her eyes were still shut. She was said to be part Timber Wolf. I called her Timber and raised her by hand. She was beautiful, smart, and all wolf. Then after about 3 years of loving her and being with her, someone shot her just for her pelt. I was told they hung her on their wall. I did not report it because i was not sapose to have her. That was 20 years ago and now i know better. Everytime i read a story of airel shootings it makes me sick. Why does this happen? The wolf was such an important part of the indian's way of life, is it not our right to protect it? I mean, we did take their land and their homes not to mention their dignity and their freedom. Do we not owe it to them and this beautiful country to protect the wildlife that GOD put here? I am dedacated to helping in the name of my Timber, she was the closest thing to real America i have seen in over 20 years.


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