Defenders of Wildlife

wildlife and me

Wildlife/nature is my reason for being and without it, I would die.

Without wildlife and nature, I feel I would die. The beauty of the natural world is something that keeps me alive, something to see, to hear, to feel and to love.
In the Bible it says to protect our natural world: our flora, our fauna, the seas and the skies. These should all come before the ongoing greed of Mankind. Without this natural world, I would be a zombie: a mechanical, unthinking, unfeeling, unloving, unknowing being.
If we let this world around us be raped and brutalized any further, we will ALL die because, it gives every human spiritual life, uplifting life, apprecation of life.
The Earth cannot survive without our love and care of/for her. All native peoples know that and they have known it for 1000's of years, long before urbanization.
Let's stay healthy; I want to LIVE SO!
miriam paisner, Boulder, co.


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