Defenders of Wildlife

Managing God's Gifts

We must protect for future generations the amazing wildlife God has given us. We are in a position to either save such treasures or to wipe them off the face of the planet.

We are living in an era when we have the capability of either securing the wildlife of our planet or of wiping it off the face of the earth. God has given us dominion over all the creatures He placed here, but I don't believe that He wanted us to use our power to eradicate any species He created. The generations to come after us should have the privilege to know and see all the wildlife still left to us. The wild creatures of our earth are basically at our mercy and have no voice of their own with which to argue their plight. If people don't take an interest in what is around them, precious wildlife will slowly disappear, one by one, and in years to come, our descendants will be able to see species who formerly shared our space only in books, museums, and maybe zoos. We do not have the right to misuse our abilities to such a selfish end.


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