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Into the Eyes

Into the Eyes

When you look into the eyes of any animal, you see sorrow. Sorrow that they could not be saved.

When you look into the eyes of a wolf, you see wisdom. You see the past generations of wolves shining through that one. You see wolf pups, playing and fighting with each other, learning the ways of their parents and their parent's pack members.

When you look into the eyes of an eagle, you see freedom. You see the spirit of our nation, standing for what is right.

When you look into the eyes of a cougar, you see stealth and smarts. When you catch a glimps of one of those magnificent creatures scaling the rocks high up on a mountain, surrounded by trees, and it's watching you. Not out of hate. Nor out of hunger. She's watching you to maybe try and get the point across.

I pray everyday that I may get to see these beautiful animals in person one day. I may be only 15, and I hope that this goes to show- there are people of all ages, hoping for a better world, where no animal ever has to face extintion again. Where no animal ever has to fight to survive. It's not the natural way of life.

We have poisoned every river. We have cleared out the forests. We have stripped the land of all that is needed. I pray one day that we can restore the earth to where it once was- Water so clear, you can clearly see the gray and black stones at the bottom, and the white sand. Green grass- Healthy again. Lush forests.

I want to grow up to see a world where never again will I ever have to hear the word 'extinction' again. I want to be able to take a walk in the forests, and hear the howl of a wolf. Glimpse a cougar. Or stand on the high peaks of a cliff, and see an eagle soar.

I ask you, today, to not only grant me this wish, but to grant the wish of the many generations to come. Let them experience all the endangered animals- And not out of a history book. Let them get to know every animals' true talents and wonders.


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