Defenders of Wildlife

World Sans Mammals??????

Travelling around the world with children and imagine not being able to see animals?

I will never forget traveling to Kauai and being able to share the experience with my children watching the whales breach breathakingly close to the shores. And swimming with the sea turtles. Watching monk seals sleep on the beach. I want my children to have the same experience with their children.
Can you imagine traveling the world and not seeing mammals native to each continent? Elephants, gorillas, cheetahs and too many to name in Africa, whales in our oceans; grizzlies, buffalo, elk, moose, eagles, sea otters, sea lions, mountain lions, wolves, polar bears, and more in the Americas; one never ceases to be amazed and thrilled to have their breath taken away by these mammals.
From an economic point of view, they are beneficial, tourism would cease to exist if it were not for these majestic creatures, large and small. Notice how human beings tend to be in awe when they see wildlife? Just think of the thrill and appreciation we have for these living creatures and it is our responsibility to continue to protect them, they have no voice. We do know they have the right to exist.


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