Defenders of Wildlife

Why Wildlife is Important

Why Wildlife is Important

So my first thought upon reading the email requesting stories was: Well I got the empathy bone that a lot of people of this planet seem to be missing. Wildlife enriches our world, connects us to the earth, and gives us something else to care about than ourselves. Besides insects, wildlife offers beauty; diversity; knowledge; entertainment.

Then I thought - I should just send a picture of a child. Because if we don't work now to protect wildlife, the children of the future will only be able to look at pictures and visit museums to see what life was like for us and the kinds of creatures we shared the earth with. I imagine most children would ask their parents, "Why don't we have wildlife now? What happened? Will that happen to us?" Among other sad queries about why the world is so vacant of anything but humans.

And finally, I landed on this. Although many people would not think of this, believe it, or even consider it a valid point: We as humans are part of the world ecosystem. We happen to be at the top of the so-called food chain, but can we imagine what would happen if we did nothing, cared not, or worse, continued with our bad habits of consumtion, greed, etc. and wildlife started disappearing at rapid rate? I think the ecosystem we call earth would become even more unbalanced, generated more disease, more famine (without birds, what would happen to bugs?), more of these types of human tragedies would occur.


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