Defenders of Wildlife


What God created, man should cherish and protect.

All creatures were created by God and deserve to live on this earth in peace and in the land created for them. They should not be subject to man's mutilation for bounty, nor should they be driven from their forests for the greed of man to gain more land, nor should they be treated to inhumane treatment on land or in the oceans. There is nothing more beautiful to observe than animals, birds, and critters of all kind. Nothing gives me more peace of mind than to watch wild animals in their habitat, or to feed the birds in my own back yard. Man can learn so much from wildlife if he would take the time to observe instead of destroying their habitat to build where they shouldn't be building; kill for the fun of killing; prosper from the cruel slaying of animals for pelts, tusks, etc. God created a land for all of us to "share," man and animals alike. It is beyond me why man must destroy the wildlife that is so beautiful, and that which is put here for ecological reasons. And people wonder why bears, fox, etc. are coming into the suburbs and killing pets for food; because man has taken away their own food source. It never stops to amaze me how very stupid and selfish man has become.


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