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Travels with Tippy, J.J. and Henri

Travels with Tippy, J.J. and Henri
Travels with Tippy, J.J. and Henri

This is about the wildlife viewing trips that I took over the years with three dogs.

I hooked up the trailer and started loading it with provisions. I was partly finished when my daughter yelled at me to bring my camera. My truck doors were open and Tippy, J.J. and Henri were already in the back seat...impatiently waiting to go.
We went up into the mountains west of Penasco, New Mexico and I set up our camp. The first thing that Henri did was roll in fresh cow I used two gallons of our water on her.
I decided to walk across a fairly large meadow to some trees on the west of the camp. While walking across, Henri kept snorting and holding her head high up in the air. Henri lived to protect me. We got about 3/4ths of the way across the meadow and I saw what Henri was alarmed about. There was a black bear, standing on his hind legs, by a tree..coolly looking at us. I beat the dogs back to the camp. On that trip, we saw a bobcat, two bald eagles, several coyotes, the bear, an otter and several ground squirrels.
Now you know why I believe in maintaining the Endangered Species Act.


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