Defenders of Wildlife

Have you ever.........

Have you ever.........

Sat in awe in your little boat as an Orca swan so close by that you could reach out and touch this graceful mammal ?
Have you ever sat perfectly still while a Grey Whale slowly alid confidently under the Zodiac you were bobbing about on the ocean in ?

Have you ever watched, spellbound as Eagles flew between trees right over your heads and commuicated with one and other; or was it us they were trying to warn about destroying life as they know it ?

Have you ever heard the spine tingling cry of a Wolf or watched Bears fish for Salmon ?

No ? Then all I can say is 'I feel nothing but pity for you, for you know not what you are missing !'

Wildlife is here for a reason, if we exterminate it all we destroy a part of the world we could never hope to replace.


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