Defenders of Wildlife

Wonderul and Amazing

We are all one and are affected by everything that happens in and around us and in us. How I do my part to promote the environment

I am an avocate of protecting the environment.
I provide a non pesticide lawn the way nature intended it to be - not cut or manicured, but natural. I have deer that come into my back yard, birds, all types of wildlife because not only do I put out food for them I welcome them with open arms. They are God's creatures, just like we are.

I also feel that the human being is not just destroying the plants or the animals or the environment (air, water, etc.). As the human being destroys we then are destroying more of ourselves. If we pollute the air we not only pollute it for an animal or a plant, but also we have more allergies and get sicker. If we pollute the water, who drinks it? Not just animals and plants, but the human. If we take away the trees then what happens, either drought or flooding. What is it going to take for us to understand that every action we do to hurt the environment effects us as well.

That is why I am a spiritual healer. I help people to reach inside themselves and pull out the greatness that we have always been and never remember. What we all were at birth, amazing beings. If we all remember that then we won't need all these external things to live by. We will just be and we will be happy enjoying what we have in front of us.


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