Defenders of Wildlife


There is nothing as expectional as seeing a wild animal playing and roaming free. To see their homes built gives great inspiration and tell us so much about engineering science the gifts of nature and above all life.

When we go to a new country I want to see the native animals as they should be. To see a beaver at work watch, sea otters lazing in the water, otters at play. Nothing is as interesting as watching animals at play without fear of being captured. It is relaxing, inspiring and teaches as so much we really need to know about life, conserving what nature has offered and reality. We live in a Land for Wildlife property where we have planted hundreds of native trees. To watch them grow and then support possums, ducks, wattlebirds and bees gives us great pleasure. We can go on holiday and they look after themselves. They share the pleasures of letting us see them hatch their duckings possums climbing the trees with their babies on their backs and kookaburras laughing for the first time. Nature is wonderful all it needs is a helping hand and for that it gives back hundred fold. What a wonderful world.


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