Defenders of Wildlife


Basically, I stand for animal rights because they have no voice in most people's lives, and what we are doing to them is unfair.

Wildlife is important to people for many reasons, such as religion, being there for children, or because they just love wildlife. I for one just plain love wildlife. I became vegeterian about 2 weeks ago to support my caring for wildlife. I do not want to see animals extinct because people don't understand them. Animals need homes too, not just barren wastelands where nobody is settled, or small wildlife parks. I think some people should stand for animal rights, even though only a small number of people in the world are doing this. Over the past 50 years, wildlife has had a rapid decrease in population, including some big cats, which are also extinct. Also, there aren't many species of wild animals left, because most have been taken into parks or killed. Although I am scared of wolves, bears, and many other species of large animals, I stand for them still. The problem is, that people drive off the wild animals to settle land, cut down forests, and pollute the air and water. There is also overfishing, and overhunting animals for pelts. Now, the president wants to drill for oil in one of the last places of wildlife sancuaries, the ANWR.


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