Defenders of Wildlife

Good Omen For A Marriage

After having an argument while travelling an interstate, sighted two bald eagles flying together overheard.

My husband and I were travelling along the New York Thruway. The trip had been several hours long with many more to go. We are getting on in years, and my husband had been having difficulty hearing my conversation with hearing aids that were not effective with the background noise in the car. We argued vehemently about his not being able to hear me, and decided to pull into a rest stop to cool off. When I was walking back to our car, feeling very discouraged about our relationship, I happened to look up to the sky. The area was an open one, with no close hills to limit the sky view. And there, directly overhead were two bald eagles flying in a leisurely way together. I was amazed to see not only one Bald Eagle, but two. Although the eagles were just going about their daily work, for me their presence was a profound symbol of hope for the future, for the importance of our marriage relationship, and the need to work to keep it strong. Athough this experience was emotional, and for me symbolic, I value wildlife not for sentimental reasons, but for the reason given by Chief Seattle: "What we do to the web of life we do to ourselves." I now have my first grandchild and want him to live in a world, entire world, where natural resources are not exploited but managed and husbanded for the survival of all species. I am ashamed of my present national leaders who have not seen how important it is for this country to ratify the Kyoto Protocol and any other world-wide attempt to husband the global environment, including population issues. All wildlife are really "the canary in the mine" and we must heed what the health of wild populations have to say.


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