Defenders of Wildlife

I don't care if I have to walk.

My environment is an extention of myself. I am self contained and living among it is a part of me. The Machine is killing us. It will suck the very life out of us in order to survive, and that is what is happening. I'm here to make it stop.

I was walking along the shore way across from Jack London Square in Oakland California, I saw plastic pieces everywhere. I realized that we have made products that the earth will not recycle back into the earth. Metal will but we have products that are killing us and we seem to not see it as a problem. We have garbage contained that creates bacteria spilling into our water ways. I see more people throwing away their recyclables. I see big corporations tossing new office products that our schools could put to use. I see food products people could eat tossed away. I see that the abundance available to everyone has no considerations about the packaging and resulting garbage. What is so sick is the wild life has no say at how careless and inconsiderate we are. I see we just dont care about ourselfs. So why should anynoe. Although protecting wild life is important to me, it is just one of the many symptoms of our trashing our front yard, again and again, where are our profesional ethics? The ugly greedy officials and big businesses are killing us and we support their products. Get rid of Bayer Corporation and corporations like these. We need to get smarter and understand what is important, recycle, recycle & recycle recycle recycly


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