Defenders of Wildlife

Wildlife is a treasure

Wildlife is my life. (Without them, I would barely have a life). If they dissapear, we can't bring them back-ever. that would be a disaster!!

We must save wildlife now!!

Wildlife is a natural treasure for us to enjoy and protect. It's really our duty to stand up for them wherever and whenever as best as we can. If they become extinct, we have no way of bringing them back. That is so sad, so we want to do our best to prevent that nightmare from actually happening in the future or any time.

It's really fun to watch them play or just do anything really. We'll lose the wonderful privilege of that if they die out. Once I was on vacation and I saw a black bear cub on the side of the road. By passers also had stopped to take photos and such. It was really scared so it climbed up a tree and sought to go very high. That is an example of a defensless animal alone-and if they are found by hunters that just want to kill for sport-they'll die.
So join me and encouage others to save wildlife now.


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