Defenders of Wildlife

Other Nations

Animals should be granted the dignity of living their own lives in their own habitats independant of man's agenda for them.

Ten years ago, my cat got sick. I educated myself about feline health so I could help him. The outgrowth of this situation in a nutshell is that learning about his needs led me to learn about the needs of all animals, the environment, politics and government, etc...I got involved in local and national issues and became well informed and well... basically just a smarter person who is involved with the community and the world as a whole more than I ever thought I would be. I learned to care for all beings just as they are, without any human agenda for them. I learned to see the role that animals play in the balance and the health of nature, which affects us all. We are part of nature, not just observers, and humans tend to forget that.

I learned that the beginning of a non-violent society begins with each of us, with the choices we make every single day. If we learn to respect the place that our wildlife and all animals hold in our world and their absolute right to exist as they were created, and we stop exploiting them, killing them, buying and selling them, then we learn to respect all life - human as well as animals. And the result of that respect for all life will lead us in a direction where there will be less violence, less disregard for human rights, less suffering for all of us, animal and human. We have to learn to respect the rights of the least among us, so that we can respect the whole.

I know I will never see most of the wild animals that inhabit this earth, and that doesn't matter to me one bit. I am happy to know that they exist and are flourishing. I don't need to see them to care for them and what happens to them.

Henry Beston in "The Outermost House" wrote, ""We need another and a wiser and perhaps a more mythical
concept of animals...They are not brothers, they are not
underlings, they are other nations, caught with ourselves in
the net of life and time, fellow prisoners of the splendor
and travail of the Earth."

One sick cat taught me more than I ever imagined that I would learn, more than any human teacher I've ever had. Animals have enriched my life to a degree that I cannot find words for. We have encroached on them to a terrifying degree. It is our duty to protect them now and I pray that our government welcomes this responsibility.


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