Defenders of Wildlife

Wildlife is a Winner for All

Our animals (dogs and cats) interact with the wildlife right in our own backyard. Our dog, Panda, is especially interested in the squirrels that scamper in the trees and come to feed in the bird feeders.

Our own backyard is a haven for all sorts of wildlife. We can walk outside and be greeted with the singing of birds, the chatter of squirrels, the tapping of woodpeckers, and even an occasional armadillo! We wish we could give back just a tiny bit to all wildlife for the joy it brings to us, so we give them their own home, which is also ours. Our dog, Panda, is extremely interested in the squirrels that come to visit. In the Spring, we see the young ones who make their way to the feeders; we watch the redbirds, sparrows, wrens, and other assorted species feed their babies, teach them to fly and then let them go. We often think that if human families took just one-half the care and interest that these birds do, the world would be a much better place. They give us a perfect example of what parents should be. This is the same for wildlife everywhere because they raise their young and all they ask for is a piece of this earth to do so. This should be their right because it has been their earth too, long before we came along and decided to start taking their space. We should be so thankful for the animals that God saw fit to save and let flourish upon the earth and do all we can to sustain them.


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