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The Amazing Marine Life Sanctuaries

The Amazing Marine Life Sanctuaries
The Amazing Marine Life Sanctuaries

I was privileged to be a part of the forming of the federally protected Monterey Bay Marine Life Sanctuary and subsequently all the Marine Life Sanctuaries in the US. Briefly, this is the story.

Ever since I heard the whooping cranes were endangered when I was 14 way back in the early 60's I have been environmentally aware. As pollution, nukes, and threatened extinction of species grew, so did my involvement. I am an artist and writer and have devoted the last 30 years of my life in my work to this consciousness.
After gaining some aclaim back East, I came home to Monterey, CA in 1989 when politics were heavily focused on the federal protection of marine life along the California coast. In 1976, I was quite ill and living in Portland, OR. I came here to Monterey to visit my family and discovered the sea otters. Something about these friendly, fun-loving animals and the sea air turned my health around and I began to get well. I have never forgotten it. To think of offshore oilrigs out in the beautiful Monterey Bay was autrocious. The otter population is already at a dangerously low level and they would surely die out.
All these factors kept me devoted to the Sanctuary. I have a small online business with my watercolors featuring scenes in the MB Marine Life Sanctuary. They can be purchased as gift items or as giclee prints. Also I have published a book of poetry written during the time of the official formation of the MB Sanctuary. All are offered on my website.
Part of my proceeds if I ever see a profit will help support the non-profits that care for the California Sanctuaries, of which there are now three. I would like to add Hawaii's as well.
So I am extremely invested and I have been very active online in many environmental groups as we defend our ground in this latest battle. When will this end?
I consider my business to be a green stewardship and I pray that we win these hard battles ahead. God be with us and with his beloved wildlife.


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