Defenders of Wildlife

Wildlife is LIFE

I grew up in the Bronx; not a place you would think you'd find wildlife...

I grew up in the Bronx; not a place you would think you'd find wildlife other than some crazy humans, but when I was in high school, a coyote had appeared in Van Cortland Park by my house. People believed there were 2 of them, and they seemed to thrive in the park. The coyotes became a sort of mascot for the area, and for the most part, people were excited. Then some idiot went out and shot the male, and there was no sign of the female after that. Many of us were so hurt by this senseless act! How could they kill our coyote?!? He brought to me a sense of rebirth. Here was an animal that could survive with the rest of us in one of the biggest cities in this country. Later, when the entrance to the park was renovated, they placed a statue of our beloved coyote in one of the gardens, welcoming everyone to his park. It still is one of my favorite places in my neighborhood.

I believe that humans are no better than any other creature that lives and breathes on this planet. We may have large brains, but I believe we should live more by our hearts, souls, and instinct. We should care that as animals ourselves, we having the bigger brains should care for the other animals and plants that live here on earth. We should live for Earth and see it as our Mother, not as an object that can bought or sold. We are better than that as humans! And the organisms of this world deserve better than what we have done to them!

Take the time....spend the what you can to save the animals and plants of Earth. We are all connected.


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