Defenders of Wildlife


I wrote this poem and it explains how I feel.

There stands a house at the edge of town, Boarded up windows-No ones around, Cold and damp-Mirthlessly still-This house with No one home.
It shadows a town that was bustling, With people so consumed,with wealth and riches-Money
They lost all their concern.
They wasted and squandered up all Mother Earth,
Cut down her trees and dug up her dirt.
Squandered it all-They never re-used. Recycle they laughed
They were sore amused
In the town with no one home.
Stripping the earth and raping the air
Their smokestacks churned it was everywhere,
In the land with no one home.
Ashes to dust, The misery spread-Speuing its rust
Animals, birds,insects too
Have long been gone-The tree nation too.
So they stand there alone, while God gives a sigh
The great Mother earth and the blue Father sky.
The house and the town and the Earth stands alone,
Theres nobody there-No Ones home


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