Defenders of Wildlife

What a blind goose taught me

She was caught in the Falmouth flood, covered with diesel fuel, and blind. This Canada Goose was rescued and cleaned by the Dog Rescue Team and they asked me if I would care for her.

I named the Canada Goose Liza for Liza Minelli because she had big, black eyes. I couldn't believe she could be so gentle. The Dog Rescue team had to get back to the flood area to continue to rescue flood victims but they wanted to place Liza in someone's care. I was already feeding mallards
that lived on our creek, and I agreed to care for Liza. She has been with me for ten years now, and I marvel every day at how well she has adapted to her disability. She has no trouble locating her food and water dishes, and she spends her days in a fence in area and bathes in a kiddy pool. I bring her inside at night to protect her from raccoons and foxes. I enjoy all wild animals.


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